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New video "Shine On" out now!

"Powerline" video out now!

New video :)

We have a message from Eric

Dear people in Crashdiet-land,
I have decided to step aside from my duties as live-drummer in Crashdiet. For how long, only time can tell. My reasons for stepping down are personal, and I need to focus on my own well being for a while. Our good friend Lacu (ex Hanoi Rocks), will be taking over and performing on the upcoming tours booked for this year.
Eric Young

We of course support Eric's decision and wish him all the best. He's our brother and we love him. Lacu will be in the music video for our next single "Powerline" which comes out on album release date April 29th!

Peter, Martin & Gabriel
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Photo: @valentinafellina

Lacu Eric s

"Together Whatever" video out now!

Finally, new video out :). Let us know what you think.