Battlefield "Chip" hostages "US-China" pressure to choose sides

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semiconductor industry It is an important เกมยิงปลา battleground for power negotiations between China and the United States. Amid rising tensions in the past week The US Congress passed a bill promoting domestic chip manufacturing. with conditions that could become a major crossroads in the global semiconductor industry

Reuters reported that The US Congress passed a bill supporting the semiconductor industry called "Chips and Science Act" or "Chips Plus" (CHIPS+) at the end of July. Awaiting to be signed by President Joe Biden on Aug. 9, it has caught the attention of chipmakers around the world.

The chip plus law is under a total budget of $280 billion. For promoting the US semiconductor industry including research and development in science and technology The goal gives the US a competitive edge with China and other countries.

with an allocation of $52 billion For subsidies for companies investing in chip manufacturing in the United States. It prohibits subsidized companies from doing business expansion or upgrading of next-generation chip technology in China. or other countries that the United States is concerned about for 10 years

Joe Biden's statement said the ChipPlus law would make items from cars to dishwashers cheaper. And it will also help create new jobs. both ensuring that The US chip industry's supply chain will be more flexible. without relying on foreigners

But the prohibition on investment in China makes it difficult for semiconductor companies by “Samsung. Electronics" and SK Hynix, two major South Korean chipmakers, said they were closely monitoring the new US law and reviewing investment plans in China.

Kim Young-woo, head of research at SK Securities And a South Korean government semiconductor industry consultant said, “South Korean chipmakers are more likely to build factories in the US. Because these companies are unable to produce a large number of cutting-edge chips. without US technology.”

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