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Labor shortage is becoming a major problem that ฝาก100รับ500 many countries focus on. Especially the skilled workers at the level of "excellent" that are in demand by many countries. which is losing skilled labor to a declining birth rate. Against the increasing number of elderly people causing many nations to urgently seek measures to attract more foreigners to work in the country

Nikkei Asia reports that Singapore has launched a new visa, called the Overseas Networks and Expertise (ONE) license, which will allow work and stay in Singapore for up to five years for expatriates with higher regular incomes. S$30,000/month It also allows working for more than one company.

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The ONE license will start accepting registrations in Jan 2023 with no limit on the number of new Singapore visas. with more flexibility over the existing Employment Pass (EP) visa which allows you to stay in Singapore for 2-3 years with conditions specific to certain types of work only

"Tan See Leng", Minister of Labor of Singapore said, "As a country with few natural resources. or even none Talent is the only resource we have. And acquiring talent is our offensive strategy.”

The ONE license aims to attract highly talented people with cutting-edge work skills. such as in the engineering and technology group There are exceptions to those who have achieved high achievements in areas such as the arts, sciences, sports and academia are eligible to apply for this visa.

In early 2021, Singapore also introduced the Tech.Pass visa that allows tech companies to employ foreign talent. with a regular income of more than S$20,000/month This gives Singapore employers more options. But the number of visa applicants is limited to 500 to maintain local employment.

The effort to attract foreign workers is a move seen around the world during this period. In 2021, the United Arab Emirates introduced Green Visas, allowing investors. or highly skilled migrants can stay for a job search period of up to 180 days to allow highly skilled foreign workers to have more employment opportunities. from the traditional visa tied to the employment contract

Like the UK, it also has a Global Talent Visa to attract talent from abroad, and in May it also launched measures to attract graduates from the top 50 institutions. of the world to be able to work and live longer in the UK depending on the level of education without having a prior employment contract

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