China goes through a real estate crisis Get the house down. “Garlic-Wheat”

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The impact of China's real estate bubble crisis that has เซ็กซี่66 help relieve stress It's good to entertain you in this kind of situation. for playing online slots games on mobile with the most popular money making game big lion slot It is also the use of free time. to benefit Generate huge amounts of money been left to bloom infinitely for a long time until causing the condition Massive "oversupply" in the system becomes a knot that challenges the Chinese economy. When the real estate market continues to collapse Both prices and sales have shrunk.

Real estate operators struggle to find ways to attract different groups of customers in order to find a way to drain their stocks. with innovative promotional campaigns

Reuters reported that in the past few months There are several Chinese real estate companies offering new real estate deals. by accepting agricultural products to replace the "down payment", whether
Garlic, watermelon, peach, wheat or barley which is an attempt to attract customers especially farmers in rural areas near small-town areas in China.

By the end of May, "Central China Management", a real estate developer in central China's Henan Province, Launched a 16-day promotional campaign where buyers can pay down payment for a house at the rate of 5 yuan / 500 grams of garlic. At the end of the campaign period The company received up to 430,000 kilograms of garlic for a down payment agreement for a total of 30 houses.

And last June, Central China also started a campaign. In the "turn wheat into homes" scheme, customers can use up to 2 yuan/500 grams of wheat as a down payment of up to 160,000 yuan in installments for a house that costs around €160,000. 600,000-900,000 yuan

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