Russia threatens Lithuania Closing the shipping route to Kaliningrad

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High-ranking Russian security สล็อต ยิงปลา 168 officials warn lithuania "Prepare to be affected" in the case of blocking rail cargo routes Enter the Kaliningrad Region

Foreign news agencies reported from Moscow. Russia on June 22 that Mr. Nikolai Patruchev, chairman of the National Security Council of Russia. Visit the Kaliningrad Administrative Region Territories beyond the borders of Russia It is on the coast of the Baltic Sea, bordering Poland to the south. and Lithuania to the north last tuesday and said honestly That Lithuania had to accept its own actions and the "serious consequences" that "people will suffer severely".

Lithuania suspended trains from Kaliningrad. If it's all goods that are subject to the latest round of European Union (EU) sanctions that came into effect on Saturday. by the new blacklisted products including coal, steel, construction equipment and technology products

Meanwhile, Kaliningrad Governor Anton Alikanov said the sanctions would cover more than 50 percent of Kaliningrad's imports. Comply with EU sanctions only.

The US State Department said Lithuania is a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), which Article 5 of the NATO Charter clearly states. that if any member of NATO is attacked equal to an attack “All members”

In addition, Kaliningrad is considered one of the A very important "military point" for Russia. It is the permanent site of several anti-missile systems, including the S-400 and Iskander, as well as the Russian Baltic Fleet. There is also a stationary base here.

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