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Hey Ya all,

Since this section is about "The Visuals" I cant help to wonder how the band feels about "audience recordings". Be that video and audio. Are you guys OK with fans recording your shows or is it frowned upon?

I have filmed and recorded the Danish band DAD lots of times. I asked them if they were OK with me recording them, and they were, so at one show I got to sit in the "light tower" and film them - great show! Normally, if the show comes out OK, I will make a DVD/CD and make it available on torrent sites, like DimeADozen (only live recordings, NO official releases), where fans from all over the world can DL the show. Normally I will do so after a tour ends, so I wont spoil anything or maybe take the best songs and upload them to Youtube :-)

Live recordings (in OK quality) is also something I love to listen to at home. There is much more energy in it, than on an record. Sure the official record sounds WAY better, but to listen to a gig you have been to yourself is just great and brings back memories + they can serve as a "historical document" of the show :-)

Let me know what you think about this topic.

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