Putin urges Western private sectors to withdraw see it as a golden opportunity f

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The Russian leader was delighted to say Thank เกมสล็อต goodness the Western private sector withdrew. see it as an opportunity for the domestic business sector to grow instead

On May 27, 2022, Reuters reported that President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday. I am delighted that some foreign companies are withdrawing their business from Russia. because it sees that the local business sector will grow instead At the same time, the Russian leader also mocked the West. Moscow is a capital city with great development and investment opportunities. especially in the technology and luxury industries.

Putin pointed out that the special operations in Ukraine marked a turning point in Russian history. that the riots in Ukraine were caused by riots by the United States Washington has aimed to embarrass Russia since the collapse of the Soviet Union. along with pointing out that In addition to the horrors of wars and conflicts that come from Western nations

Attempts to punish Russia with economic sanctions The more the wave of economic turmoil spread around the world. especially inflation, food prices, cooking oil Increased fertilizer and energy from western craftsmanship He pointed out that while developed economies are facing a food and supply chain crisis, including high inflation The center of global economic power has now moved to Asia, especially China, India and other Asian nations.

Since the war broke out Many foreign investors The latest BP McDonald's oil company like Starbucks. has announced its withdrawal from Russia Amid the Russian economy that is facing a terrible contraction. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union

“When you look at those withdrawing We have to thank God, right? We're going to take those businesses into our business. Our production is already growing. It will stay safe in our country, which is already ready,” Putin said.

However, the Russian leader did not explain that. How to deal with supply chain and transportation issues? to meet the needs of domestic businesses due to sanctions But Putin is confident that Everything can be edited and rebuilt.

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