‘False autumn’ may 'spell trouble for Devon wildlife'

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‘False autumn’ may 'spell trouble for Devon wildlife'

People have been warned to keep away from a "toxic" lake after dead fish were found on its surface.

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Algal bloom on Canvey Lake, on Canvey Island in Essex. had deprived it of oxygen killing wildlife.

The lake's leaseholder, Canvey Town Council, said the toxic lake posed a risk to public health.

Two aerators paid for with £11,000 crowdfunded from residents had been placed in the water as a temporary measure to help preserve the wildlife.

Rob Turner, a resident who set up the fundraising effort, said the longer-term solution was to dredge the lake of silt which had built up leaving just a foot of water.

The lake was created 40 years ago as a flood defence mechanism to hold water, the Local Democracy Reporting Service said.

Mr Turner said it was imperative the issue was resolved - not just from a public health perspective, but to ensure there was enough capacity in the lake to mitigate flooding risks.

"Where we had six feet of water, where the fish are quite happy, we now have around a foot of water and five feet of silt.

"From a flood defence point of view if there was a sudden surge I don't think that system will work."

He said the aerators seemed to have stopped the fish dying but called on the Environment Agency to address how to dredge the lake.

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