Israel shoots Hezbollah drones Over disputed gas fields with Lebanon

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Israel shoots Hezbollah drones Over disputed gas fields with Lebanon
Israeli Army Shoots Down huga slot Hezbollah Drones which flew into the area, which is a disputed gas source between the Government of Tel Aviv and Lebanon

Foreign news agencies reported from Tel Aviv. Israel on July 3 that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reported intercepting three unmanned aerial vehicles or drones belonging to the Hezbollah group. Which is directed towards the natural gas field "Karich" in the east of the Mediterranean Sea. by F-16 plane Can intercept one drone As for the warships stationed in that area Two more drones were shot down.

Relations between Israel and Lebanon have been strained intensely since May. In the past, from the dispute about the Karish gas field When the UK's exploration ship, which jointly invests in Israel's energy Start the mission to explore the area. Calling heavy condemnation from Lebanon which also claimed ownership over part of the survey area. While the Tel Aviv government insists that The entire territory of the Karich gas field is within the area. which is considered the exclusive economic zone of Israel and the United Nations (UN) endorsed

Hezbollah released a statement. Confirmed being the real shooter of all three drones. and such missions It was "successful", without mentioning the IDF intercepting all three drones.

Lebanon and Israel have negotiated the territorial waters once in 2020, but no progress has been made since then. The government of Beirut proposed to adjust the map. Originally, the territorial waters of Lebanon were set at 860 square kilometers. But the government of Beirut wants an additional 1,430 square kilometers. This includes some areas of the Karich gas field.

In theory, Israel and Lebanon are still at war with each other. because of the great battle That lasted about a month in 2006 did not end with a peace agreement.

However, many parties believe that in reality that battle It is more of a war between Israel and Hezbollah. And the two sides "reached up" on the orders of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), and later UN peacekeepers reinforced officers along the line. The "blue line", which is the border line between Israel and Lebanon.

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