Looking at it from another angle, Netflix is ​​not in a difficult position. Just

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On August 8, 2022, CNN reports that the ส ล็อก company's situation analysis Netflix (Netflix) is seen as a downtrend. Since April it lost its first subscriber count since 2011, and this year its shares have fallen more than 60%.

The fall is not a sign of the end of a big streaming company, but rather a sign that Netflix is ​​gradually becoming a media company.

But back and forth, Netflix's business model doesn't match up with other big companies. belonging to this group

Previously, Netflix was stuck in the big tech sector.
“I think Netflix is ​​overvalued. And it was never a real tech company, unlike other big tech companies.” Julia Alexander Parrot Analytics Director of Strategy

The business of Netflix (Netflix) depends on the growth of the number of subscribers. But the growth in subscriber numbers is due to people wanting to watch movies and TV shows. So Netflix is ​​more like a Hollywood studio, it's a Silicon Valley that unites technology companies. and world-leading innovation

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Netflix, on the other hand, looks more like a tech company. Compared to major movie studios such as Disney, Comcast, Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros, these companies have started streaming like Netflix.

future netflix company will start with interstitial ads It has a strategy to attract consumers by partnering with Microsoft (MSFT), the world's largest software manufacturer and developer. With the release of a new membership package that is cheaper. but in exchange for having an advertisement

Andrews Hare, Magid's senior vice president of research, sees Netflix starting to bookmark ads. and use a password protection method to the production of movies and series such as Stranger Things, I think these movements indicate that Netflix is ​​gradually shifting from a technology company to a media company.”

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