Oil depot explosion Cuba is still battling devastating fires. foreigners help

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On August 8, 2022, the AP news agency reported that the Cuban Fire Service was still trying to contain the second day of the fire at a crude oil depot in Matanzas province. After the unexpected When the lightning strikes the oil tank The fire started from the first tank and spread to another tank next to it until it exploded since Friday night, Aug. 5.

The Cuban government said It has invited experts and crews from Venezuela and Mexico to help put out the fire. Russia, Argentina and Chile also offered to help.

Officials reported that a body was found next to the scene of the accident. A 60-year-old fireman named Carlos Santana teams up with 17 firefighters to fight a massive fire before it's all gone. 122 others were injured in the incident, including five in critical condition.

Matanzas governor Mario Sanbines said 4,946 residents were evacuated from the scene.

An environmentally distressing situation According to the Ministry of Science and Technology is the thick smoke that swept and flew as far as Havana, a hundred kilometers away. Contains both sulfur dioxide nitrogen oxide carbon monoxide and other toxic substances

It is also worrying that This 8 tank depot is used to generate electricity. The disaster came at a time when Cuba was facing a severe economic and energy crisis. Usually the power is cut off periodically during the summer. The more this happens, the more it may aggravate the crisis.

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