Only 6 hours! Noru Thawee is a super typhoon, scientists say the world will face

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Only 6 hours! Noru Thawee is a สล็อตxo super typhoon, scientists say the world will face severe storms that are unpredictable.
The shocking facts of Typhoon Noru, which hit the Philippines on September 25, turned into a super-typhoon in just six hours, CNN said. get used to bad weather was shocked by the unexpected intensity of this storm.

The Philippines faces an average of about 20 tropical storms each year, but while Typhoon Noru does not cause as many damage or deaths compared to other typhoons. In recent years, Typhoon Noru has been a prominent storm. due to rapidly multiplying Many experts pointed out that faster intensifying typhoons will become more common. due to climate change crisis That creates extreme weather conditions and at the same time makes forecasting which storms will intensify and where to track them becomes more difficult. One study published in 2018 said that worsening storms as a result of sea level including rising global temperatures

Another study by the Shenzhen Institute of Meteorological Innovations found that typhoons in the East and Southeast Asia regions are more resistant. It can blow for 2 to 9 hours longer and move on land more than 4 decades ago with an average distance of 100 km. By the end of the 21st century, the world could face a typhoon that is 2 times stronger than it is today. equal

Mr. Jerry Bagtaza, a professor at the Institute of Environmental Science and Meteorology The University of the Philippines says that, although rare, rapid intensification of storms is not uncommon for the Philippines, as 28% of tropical storms that made landfall on the Philippines as far back as 1951 have rapidly intensified. According to official information Factors such as high humidity, rising sea surface temperatures and low winds determine the typhoon's rapidly escalating intensity. He also said that It will also be more difficult for forecasters to predict the intensification of weather in the Pacific. Because even satellite detection will be improved. But there isn't enough data to predict worsening weather events.

Amiel Esas Azul, a 36-year-old Filipino who owns a beachfront restaurant on Polillo Island. located in the northeast of the Philippines, said When he learned that Typhoon Noru was going to make landfall in the Philippines on September 25, in intensity equivalent to a hurricane, He had prepared for the storm as usual. Since the preparation of the generator to the bundle of items that may be lost by the storm But when Noru moves closer to the country This typhoon has intensified. It turned into a super typhoon with the same destructive power as a Category 5 hurricane and eventually swept the northern islands of the Philippines with gusts of high speed and strength. Causing high waves to wash the shore and destroy the property of the people stretching on the beach.

Azul also said Typhoon Noru was more intense than official forecasts. But their community is fortunate to have a television signal. This made it possible to know the news of the intensification of a super typhoon in time. and can prepare to deal with the loss of property But there are other people. of islands that rely solely on radio signals make them aware of such news in a timely manner

Damage from Noru This super typhoon wreaks havoc on a Philippine resort town. Many of the beach huts and fish cages were destroyed. While local authorities have evacuated people living on the coast from the area. The area around Luzon Island, which is the main island of the Philippines. The rice-growing area in Nueva Eciha province, which is considered the country's "grass bread", was also severely affected by storm winds that swept the soil and uprooted rice plants. The country's agricultural losses are estimated to be around 3 billion Philippine pesos, or about 1,900 million baht, while the Philippine National Disaster Risk Management and Mitigation Commission said. The latest death toll as reported on September 30 is 12.

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