Covid-19: What will the situation be like in the UK after the first day of 'Free

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There is no limit to the number of people who will meet. Do SLOT ONLINE not have to be more than 1 meter distance and there are no legal regulations to wear a mask. These are some of the major changes in England and Scotland that will begin today (July 19), dubbed "Freedom Day" as it eases COVID-19 restrictions.

But this is not a smooth start after yesterday. Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Finance Minister Rishi Sunak He had to begin quarantine after meeting with Minister of Health Sajid Javid. who are infected with covids despite having completed the full dose of vaccination

The decision to quarantine was an abrupt reversal. Hours earlier, the prime minister and finance minister had said they would not quarantine as part of an experimental program that would have people tested daily instead of quarantine. But it was criticized by many parties. including the opposition that said “There is one rule for them. And another rule for the rest of us."

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Nightlifers rejoice in the nightclub reopening. after the UK loosened the lockdown across the country

Although there is still advice to keep the distance in some places like hospitals. And the government still "recommended" to wear a mask. There will be no more restrictions in crowded places. whether it is a nightclub pub and restaurant or concerts and theaters

“The real question is, are we going to double that number? or more," Prof Ferguson told the BBC's Andrew Marr Show, adding that another 500,000 people could have "trying on coronavirus" symptoms. (long Covid) or affected by COVID-19 in the long term

People wear face masks while shopping at Covent Garden on Sunday.
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This SAGE member said from the best guesses. The new wave of infections is likely to peak between August and mid-September, and it will take about three weeks for the lockdown to be lifted from "Freedom Day" to have a real impact. how

Earlier, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said The release of the British lockdown will continue "Be careful, but you can't go backwards."

"It's going to be a tough summer for a number of reasons," said Prof Ferguson. People are likely to be highly immune to COVID. But of great concern is the flu, which may return after 18 months of absence.

He said that by December or January, the flu "could cause the same amount of damage to health and public health as this year's coronavirus."

Britain continues to unlock down, revive the economy, despite the daily number of tens of thousands of infected people.
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Concerns on "Freedom Day"
Yesterday (July 18) several British newspapers published news on concerns over today's loosening of the lockdown. The Mail on Sunday, citing "insider sources", estimated that half of the cabinet would eventually be detained. As for The Sunday Times, chaos is expected. For example, some subway lines in London were stopped over the weekend after officials were quarantined.

The Independent reported that Scientists have urged the government to offer immunizations to teenagers as soon as possible. by saying that hundreds of thousands of children may be infected with covids in the summer And there are tens of thousands of people who may have symptoms later to try covid.

Housing, Community and Local Government Minister Robert Jenrick said a decision would be made on the proposed vaccine for children aged 12-17 in the coming days. After the UK now offers the vaccine to all adults, approximately 88% of UK adults have received the first dose of the vaccine and around 68% have received the full dose.

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