Out of the chair, another Mario Draghi resigns as Prime Minister of Italy.

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marginal and ultimately not survived. The u31 ดาวน์โหลด Italian government under the leadership of "Super Mario" ended amid the economic crisis, with Mario Draghi submitting a letter of resignation as prime minister.

On July 21, 2022, the AP news agency reported that Mario Draghi has resigned as Prime Minister of Italy. After the coalition government boycotted the trust resolution. signal that there will be an early election to make a new start during the crisis of Italy and Europe

The National Government of Mr Draghi The band broke up on Wednesday, July 20, after members of the right, left, and populist groups ignored the demand that they join the team before the end of their term. To be able to implement the economic recovery plan from the Covid situation that the European Union supports.

Mr. Draghi, who used to be nicknamed "Super Mario" from leading the country through the epidemic crisis last year. Sent a letter of resignation to President Sergio Mattarella from Thursday morning. at Kirinal Palace After a week before the president refused to accept the same resignation letter. And ask the government of Mr Draghi to act first.

But the attempt to hold the executive power was unsuccessful. Because the Forza Italia party and the Five Star Movement party boycott the Senate vote of confidence. It clearly signaled that he would not go with the 17-month-old Mr Draghi government.

Italian newspapers also reported that they were dissatisfied with the government's performance at the same time. After the country faces inflation. Energy prices soar to the problems of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and reforms that are critical to the use of 200 billion euros in rehabilitation.

Lastampa headlined "shame", La Repubblica used the word "Betrayal Italy", while Corriere Deltasera headed "Goodbye to Draghi government".

for next step must wait for the president to discuss with various political parties when to dissolve parliament to lead to elections It is possible that elections can be held around September or October, with the former five-year term of the House of Representatives due to expire in 2023 or 2023.

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