[ALBUM REVIEW] Automaton (Metal Temple) 9/10

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By Sarah Tijan

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CRASHDIET is back releasing their 6th studio album on April 29th, and it's as good as if not better than the previous. With a history nothing short of true rock and roll glory, CRASHDIET know just what it means to continue on and move forward despite the path being littered with destruction and pitfalls that could have destroyed them. They grew from those experiences, and kept them close as they release yet another great, solid album: Automaton.

Automaton starts out with the intro with the late founder of CRASHDIET Dave Lepard speaking some words, creating what will be the standard for the album, short and sweet, that 30 second clip creates the feel for the rest of the 12 tracks on the album.

The second track on the album “Together Whenever” comes at you out of nowhere, and doesn’t let go, the track brings the sleaze sound that we have come to expect from CRASHDIET with a growth from the last album, with a hint of what CRASHDIET has always stood for: Rock and Roll and powerful vocals and music to go with it. It's a familiar taste, yet one you’ve never had before to start out a solid album.

“Darker Minds” is more melodic but still in the same form that we know CRASHDIET for, allowing the guitar riffs and solo to burn bright, and gives you a chance to hear what Martin Sweet can do with an Ax, and allows the album to flow smoothly without overdoing the heavy sleaze sound to drown out the talent and skills of the musicians.

“We Die Hard” is a strong track, with everything to be a powerful anthem to anyone with a dream or a goal, that may seem impossible, it's that heart, that feeling that nothing will stop you that keeps you going, and this could very well be that anthem to keep you going, the guitar heavy track melts with the vocals creating a strong track, one that could be sang along with at a show in the future, one I could see myself fist in the air singing along with.

“Unbroken” is the perfect sleaze song for today's world, you have the riffs, the bass and the vocals that all meld so well together, from start to finish the song is perfect sleaze rock that could have easily put them on the map any time during the early 80’s where all those dynamics played an important role, where the bass kept the listener engaged and demanded the attention of those listening to remain, all while bringing a track that can be played again and again and hear something new from it each time. The bass playing on this track by Peter London does that as well as brings the track full circle, with a great sleaze track, whether a longtime fan or first time listener, will enjoy.

Rounding out the album is “I Can't Move On (Without You)”, a ballad that brings out yet another side to the band, an acoustic track that puts Gabriel Keyes vocals front and center with a soft guitar and bass line that uplifts to a higher level throughout the track, leaving you content yet questioning, all while drawing out other feelings and emotions, remaining true to their genre and style while taking their place in music, as a band that can't be placed in just one genre or style, they can branch out, all while staying true to what they create.

Automaton overall is a great album, with evolution apparent from their last release, growth and comfort find a balance, a band that has had their share of success and tragedy, have taken the experiences and used them to push forward, unstoppable in their quest to create and share their take on sleaze rock to those who are wanting to listen and share, those that still want the party but have grown from life events that may not have been planned or expected, that pushed the boundaries of what was possible, but still want to be able to put on an album and live in the moment, and live without limits, even for a little while. CRASHDIET takes that want and provides us an album to do so.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

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