Japanese airline Zipair rushes to change its logo before the end of the year Fea

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Zipair, Japanese low-cost airline, entry แอพสแกนสล็อตฟรี When the symbol of the airline Z resembles the symbol of the Russian invasion of Ukraine The president of the company said that he was ready to change the logo by the end of this year.

On June 18, 2022, The Washington Post reported that Zip Air, or Zipair, a low-cost airline in Japan. Japan Airlines Group's business, or JAL, is changing the Z logo on the plane's wing fins. This is because it is similar to the Z symbol that appeared on Russian tanks that invaded Ukraine.

Shinko Nishida, president of Zipair announced at Narita Airport. last weekend that He acknowledged the similarities and potential confusion. Where the letters look like symbols for the invasion of Ukraine

also now The letters also have a similar design. which by the end of this year The airline will update the "Z" symbol affixed to all its aircraft.

Zipair is a subsidiary of Japan Airlines. Established in 2018, four Boeing 787-8s fly between Narita Airport and Bangkok, Seoul, Honolulu, Singapore and Los Angeles.

As CNN reports, as Russia's invasion of Ukraine approaches its fourth month, an airline has announced plans to change its uniforms. Amid concerns from passengers that the airline's current symbol may indicate it supports an invasion of Ukraine.

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