The Indian state getting a bad rap over the animals

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The Indian state getting a bad rap over the animals

For days, a video has been making the rounds of social media in the southern Indian state of Kerala.

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It shows a man putting on running shoes and then making his way through an obstacle course - jumping over park benches, climbing walls and dodging traffic cones - while his friend cheers him on.

"Is he training to join the army?" a woman watching the duo asks.

"No, he's training to run from stray dogs," the friend replies.

The satirical video, made by an ad agency, isn't unique - over the past few weeks, thousands of people in Kerala have forwarded memes and videos that express anger towards stray dogs.

The reaction has been sparked by several recent reports of dogs - some of them pets - attacking people.

Animal welfare activists and veterinarians say most people in Kerala do not have a friendly relationship with dogs and keep them at a distance.

"Here, even pet dogs are mostly kept in kennels or caged or tied up for the entire day. Rarely do people let their dogs inside their homes," says animal welfare advocate Sally Varma.

"Now people see a stray sleeping on the road and assume it is rabid," she adds.

According to government data, with about 290,000 street dogs, Kerala is not even in the list of top 10 Indian states with the most strays.

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