The Department of Disease Control points out that this round of Covid-19 is just

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Department of Disease Control explains สล็อตxo The number of people infected with COVID-19, strain BA.4-BA.5 in Thailand has increased. but a small outbreak Thai public health can still be controlled.

On July 5, 2022, Dr. Opas Karn Kawinpong Director-General of the Department of Disease Control Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) reveals the situation of the epidemic of Covid-19 found to have more infections causing many parties to worry that it will be a new wave of outbreaks It would not be considered a new outbreak. because the nature of the outbreak now will occur from time to time depending on the species that has changed

Especially the subspecies omikron BA.4 and BA.5 that were found to be infected really quickly. But the violence is quite low. In addition, Thailand has more easing measures. This makes people more likely to be infected.

This is in line with many countries around the world with increasing numbers of patients. The Thai public health and mortality system is still able to deal with the critically ill patients. and most importantly, a bed for COVID-19 patients that used to treat covid patients have been adjusted back to general patients The number of beds is not as many as before.

The news that the bed overflowed the hospital. As far as the examination found Most of them have mild symptoms. But many people asked to stay in the hospital. Because there is health insurance.

However, they must not be careless and have continued to monitor the situation. which the problem is found in Bangkok area In other provinces, there were very few problems.

the rising epidemic But the public health system has changed, with RT-PCR testing in some cases and ATK testing for only those with symptoms. How would you define an outbreak like this?

Dr. Opas said that we will call it a "small wave", which looks like an epidemic that goes up and down around the circle. Some of them are also from mutants. Believe that now the infection and people are looking for a balance. The mutated germs are weakened so that they can live with people. And people have been vaccinated. There are more infections that build natural immunity. It is believed that the equilibrium point between people and pathogens should be reached soon, but it is not yet clear whether we have moved beyond the epidemic stage.

Many experts People have predicted that the actual number of infections is probably more than 50,000 per day. will be considered and proposed to the meeting CCC to consider adjusting the plan to support or not

No one can say how high the infection rate will be. May be more than the number 2 times 3 times 5 times because we do not test RT-PCR in everyone, only those who need to be admitted to the hospital.

As for the general public, they use ATK test only when they have symptoms. which many people have less symptoms therefore not tested for infection Thus there is no need to find out how many people are infected. which all over the world do the same, with foreign countries have not checked anything

important now People who are infected have the knowledge to take care of themselves. Stay at home, treat the symptoms which confirms that Vaccination measures are effective. Because if not vaccinated, there must be an overflow of people. The hospital was born like a delta strain outbreak.

The Ministry of Health will have a meeting with BAAC in various information bring to analysis Assess the situation before presenting at the BOE meeting on July 8

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