england hot airport runway surface melting temporarily suspended flights

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Many flights had to temporarily suspend their 168slotxo.info travels. After some London airport runways melted and damaged. from the heat wave that spreads across Western Europe

On July 19, 2022, EuroNews reported that Some British airport runways have melted. As England faces an unprecedented heat wave by on Monday England has a temperature of 38 degrees Celsius.

London Luton Airport was temporarily closed for flights on Monday. due to defects on the runway caused by record high temperatures

EasyJet and Wizz Air flights which originally had to land at Luton. Must change directions to park at another airport The captain informed the passengers that Can't land at Luton Because some of the runway surface has melted.

Luton announced that The airport reopened at 5:40 p.m. local time.

Several flights have also been suspended at the Royal Air Force's Brice Norton airport. in Oxfordshire due to problems on the runway caused by temperature

CNBC reported that A Royal Air Force spokesman said: during this time Aviation Safety in Temperature Extremes is still our top priority Therefore, the aircraft used the alternative airport as planned. This means that it will not affect the operations of the Royal Air Force.

The Royal British Air Force did not specify why the flight was suspended. But the spokesperson confirmed The runway has not yet dissolved, according to media reports.

Heathrow Airport which is the largest airport in England stated Watching for the effects of heat and until now Still open as usual while Gatwick Airport outside London Haven't had any problems on the runway yet. due to heat

In England, some schools and transport routes were closed on Monday. After the first red heat warning was issued. stating that there is a risk to life

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