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Jaojao! So i follow the guys on twitter and thats actually lately how I found out about the forum getting back aswell as the ris vinyl.

But this just in! News flash!

Martin posted a killer tweet, asking about how the debut album changed you. Which i thought was fantastic, maybe because I have a long answer which Im not even comfortable talking about in its entirety, maybe because I like reminescing(?) when the board is back. I also hate that reminising thing, which means I'm fucked. Twofold hating comfortably nicely remembering things rather than lookin forward.

So, as above so below. How did RIS change you?

For those of you who glare ever onwards, how do you think crashdiet will continue to change you?

Hard mode: How will crashdiet continue to change?

Get it done son. Aint no sunshine when dey gone etc.

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I have no idea what happened there but I fixed the first post. Let me know if this is keeps being an issue :) //LONDON

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7 years 2 months ago #162997 by mrs v. viper
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buut memories are niiiiiiice.....

anyway. I think the first crash song I ever heard was it's a miracle. and yesterday I posted this on fb:

"Seems like CRASHDÏET is coming back. I get a bit teary eyed. I sometimes try to imagine what my life would be like, what friends I would have and what choices I would have made without this band at the right time. I can't picture it at all. It would be very very different indeed."

I think my whole social landscape would be a different one. says it all really.

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