A bit of silliness.

6 years 4 months ago - 6 years 4 months ago #163639 by Eadu
A bit of silliness. was created by Eadu
I've never had a fear of making a fool of myself in public. So I will confess the two week long obsession I had about getting a picture of Martin Sweet with a cat. Don't ask me to explain - I don't even get it myself. I'm also obsessed with pictures of Rudolf Valentino smoking cigarettes. Whatever. And I've since joined Instagram (which I swore I would never do), and now I have one. BUT...while I was agonizing over my lack of Martin Sweet/cat pictures, by adorable husband photoshopped one for me. I present it to you now - this is Martin Sweet with Brian Eno's cat. Yes - I said Brian Eno's cat. The epic nature of Brian Eno's cat is a bit of a running joke in my house. For legal purposes, I should point out that Brian Eno's cat has not signed a waiver.

Waking up with mystery glitter. Win.

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